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DJI S800 EVO Fleet (3 aircraft)
  About our Production Platforms

Multi-Rotor aircraft

.... Airplane will fly even with one engine failed.


Electronic inertial navigation system connected to GPS.

.... Automatic altitude and position holding.


Capable of fully automated flight, including take-off, mission, return-to-base and landing.


Eight to forty minute flight time depending on load, altitude, and atmospheric conditions and in-flight maneuvering required.


Electrically-stabilised vibration dampened three-axis radio- controlled sensor-camera gimbles.


Retractable landing gear

.... No obstruction to 360 degree sensor camera views.


Flight power from

.... 16000mah Lithium Polymer 6s 24 volt batteries.


Equipment List


FPV Camera

Video transmit/receive module for FPV camera

Remotely controlled Three-axis gimbles

Radio module for gimble


Sensor camera

Black Magic Pocket Camera


(Cinema quality HD captures up to 4k resolution)




We can also fly Gopro cameras mounted on stabilised electric gimbals.


LIDAR capable.


IR capable.